Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tag! I am IT!

Oh My! Jen Wagner, tagged me, so now I have to share 7 boring things you wish you never knew about me… or something like that…
7 things perhaps you did not know about me.
1. I have never smoked cigarettes on anything else.
2. My secret desire is to be on "Day of our Lives." I would love to be Marlena's neighbor.
3. When I was playing with the neighborhood gang as an elementary student, I was ALWAYS Jane when we played Tarzan.
4. At Messick High School, I was a math whiz. I was selected to attend classes at IBM on Poplar Ave. in the late '60's on Saturdays and I loved programing!
5. One of my student's took the 5th grade to visit WHBQ and I had my picture made with Rick Dees. I thought he was dreamy and a big celebrity because he had a top 40 in Memphis at the time.
6. My first grade report card was littered with the phrase, "Gail is a good student, but she talks too much."
7. In second grade I got marched to the principal's office because I talked too much during "rest time" after lunch.
I just had a lot to say!!!! ....still do!

Now, my job is to tag 7 other people to share about themselves as well…..tag you are it!

1. Abigail
2. Mary E. B
3. Matthew G
4. M. Smith
5. A. Asbell
6. Kevin Glass
7. Sue Dollar

Consider yourself tagged!

Happy New Year

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