Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Convert pps to ppt?

Today is a rainy, cold day in West TN. One of those days when you want to pull the overs up over your head. I had a moment when I knew I could do something, but couldn't remember how. Let me share with you my question and answer of the day thanks to my PLN! Simple, but I had never done this...Convert pps to ppt?
Is there any way of converting a pps Slide Show file back to ppt PowerPoint presentation file?
Convert pps to ppt?
Yes, quite simple.
Rather than double clicking on the pps file, go into PowerPoint and then File> Open and then open the file. As long as it has not been protected you should be able to open and edit it.
Yes, quite simple! That is what I learned today. Now, Can I go home?

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