Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Wifi

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Free Wi-Fi hotspots can usually be found at public libraries, Barnes & Noble and McDonald’s. But there is no reason to limit yourself to these well-known spots. In her “Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi” Gina Trapini lists free tools for Windows, Mac and smartphones for finding public hotspots wherever you may roam.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

24 "Techy" Tips for Not so "Techy" Teacher

This is a great Google Presentation started by Mark Clarkson.
I hope you enjoy it!
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Sit back and enjoy! I think you will learn at least one new thing.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School

Here in West TN we have been in school for about 3 weeks. I know in some areas, school will start after Labor Day. Enjoy your weekend! (no matter what your situation is.)

This summer at iSummit, I got to visit in person with Lucy Gray, who I had followed for a quite a while. She is very active as a ADE and GCT. She blogs and has one list called Friday 5. This was a particularly meaty post that will be helpful for the beginning of school. Enjoy her blog and sign up for her Friday Five!

From: Lucy Gray

As a follow up to Lucie's Infinite Thinking Machine great post),
here's a quick list of links to support your back to school efforts.

1. US Census Press Releases

Check these amazing statistics!

2. U.S Fund for UNICEF - UNICEF USA - A back-to-school-tip

The purchase of a desk lamp at IKEA can help children around the

3. Scholastic's Back-to-School Planning Guide | Teaching Ideas to Start the Year

Lots of resources for all aspects of back-to-school time.

4. | Back-to-School Activities

Very creative ideas for incorporating math into classroom activities.
Make sure you check out the pictures of various morning math routines.

5. NEA - Top 20 Back-to-School Activities

Another great list of resources from the National Education

6. NASA - Blast Back to School

NASA has a rich variety of projects, games and videos for classroom

7. Reading Rockets Back to School

Particularly good resources for parents.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Length Movies

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Speedcine is an index of about 13,000 full-length movies you can legally watch online. Some of the sites it links to offer free movies, such as Hulu and Fancast , while others charge, such as Amazon’s Video on Demand. While still in beta, Speedcine warns that not all movies are listed in the alphabetic index on the front page; some can only be found by title search.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teaching the Consititution this Month?

I pushed around some other posts to get this website information to you right away to help you prepare for teaching the Constitution.

This came from This is a great electronic resource to subscribe to.

Our Courts' teaches civics lessons via online games

A free computer game for teenagers created with the help of

former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has made its online debut. "Supreme Decision," the first of several planned web-based games, went online in August as part of a project called Our Courts. In it, students can play a Supreme Court law clerk helping a justice with a tie-breaking vote over a First Amendment case. Backed by the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State

University and Georgetown University, the Our Courts project is designed to teach middle school students about the Constitution and the courts. O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, has said more people can name an "American Idol" judge than the three branches of government. Besides teaching about civics, she hopes the Our Courts project will help students learn how to analyze problems and develop arguments. In "Supreme Decision," students play a law clerk and must help fictional Justice Irene Waters write the majority opinion on whether a school can ban students from wearing music band T-shirts. Another game, called "Do I Have a Right," will be released soon. In that game, students will play the director of a constitutional law firm who must decide which amendment resolves a problem posed by a client.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

K-12 Energy Lessons and Activities

Thanks to my PLN for this website

On this site you'll find links to more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. Each includes a short summary that identifies curriculum integration, time, materials, and national standards. For more education resources, please see the EERE Energy Education Web site.