Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School

Here in West TN we have been in school for about 3 weeks. I know in some areas, school will start after Labor Day. Enjoy your weekend! (no matter what your situation is.)

This summer at iSummit, I got to visit in person with Lucy Gray, who I had followed for a quite a while. She is very active as a ADE and GCT. She blogs and has one list called Friday 5. This was a particularly meaty post that will be helpful for the beginning of school. Enjoy her blog and sign up for her Friday Five!

From: Lucy Gray

As a follow up to Lucie's Infinite Thinking Machine great post),
here's a quick list of links to support your back to school efforts.

1. US Census Press Releases

Check these amazing statistics!

2. U.S Fund for UNICEF - UNICEF USA - A back-to-school-tip

The purchase of a desk lamp at IKEA can help children around the

3. Scholastic's Back-to-School Planning Guide | Teaching Ideas to Start the Year

Lots of resources for all aspects of back-to-school time.

4. | Back-to-School Activities

Very creative ideas for incorporating math into classroom activities.
Make sure you check out the pictures of various morning math routines.

5. NEA - Top 20 Back-to-School Activities

Another great list of resources from the National Education

6. NASA - Blast Back to School

NASA has a rich variety of projects, games and videos for classroom

7. Reading Rockets Back to School

Particularly good resources for parents.

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