Sunday, January 18, 2009

American Girl: Anti-Bullying Campaign

Thanks to Wesley Fryer and his daughter for sending us to the “Pledge to take a stand” campaign against bullying on the 2009 American Girl of the Year website.

Anti-Bullying Campaign: American Girl of the Year 2009 website

This would really appeal to the elementary school girls! I also noted that there is a Poster Contest and resources for Parents and Teachers. May 1st will be declared "Stop the Bullying Day." More resources will be ready on this site March 2nd.

Also Wesley noted the video "Hero in the Hallway" Here is one of his previous posts. This is an excellent one to show to all students to make them aware of bullying and what they can do about it. My mind is moving fast with ideas. Aha! Could my students do a similar video to address some school problems?

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