Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tag Gallery

Tag Gallery
WOW, who thought of this visual website!
Write a subject in the center line and a galaxy appears with planets in orbit. Each orbiting planet is a relational subject to the center “SUN”. Select a planet and the photo’s appear to fly onto the sun. This is amazing, and it only get’s better. Click and drag the planet and you can move the sphere around in circles. Very Cool! Select the arrow at the top and new ‘Flickr” photos zoom in onto the sphere for a whole new set of views.

You can go to full screen in the bottom right corner, but you have to go out of full-screen to type.
I tried Tennessee. Then Memphis. Elvis had the largest "planet." And you probably thought the world doesn't revolve around Elvis. It does on this page. The larger the orb, the more images tagged on Flicker! Try your state. Try a place that you want to view images of.

Rainy Day activity for me!

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