Monday, June 8, 2009

Google Forms ideas from Google Tutor

6 Awesome Google Docs Templates to Seize the Summer!
from Google Tutor

Even though for some of us the weather hasn’t made it seem this way, summer is truly coming! It’s the time of sun, fun, and also when organization has a chance to slack. With travel plans, family trips, and a new determination to get in shape, you can always use a little more streamlining to it all! Here are the six Google Docs templates that will help you stay organized enough so you can focus on enjoying the summer!

Travel Templates for Google Docs

1. Shared Travel Expenses

We all like to travel, and for the lucky ones that get to do lots of it, things can get a bit complicated when you’re splitting the bill among friends. To make sure you are still friends when you get back from vacation, this spreadsheet can be helpful. It perfectly keeps track of who pays for what, and how much money should go to each person at the end of it all.

2. Complete Travel Itinerary

When you’re running from bus to airport and want to know when you have to be where, a complete travel itinerary is your best companion. I like this template for a complete travel itinerary, including a space for emergency contact information. If you plan a trip for someone else (I sometimes do, and this is perfect!) then this works even for those relatives who get anxiety attacks by the thought of several stop-overs.

3. Pet-care instructions!

Sometimes the family pet can’t come along. I found out the hard way when I wanted to take my rabbit with me on a trip a few years ago, and it turned out he wasn’t welcome on all but one airline. Had he looked more like a cat, we would have been OK. For those of us who are paranoid about giving up control over our little furry ones, you can keep some control by giving all the info possibly needed with this template.
Google Docs Templates that help you get in shape

4. A Complete Cardio Workout!

Karon Kartor, author of the Ultimate Body Shaping Bible, put together this handy Google Docs template that describes and keeps track of a complete cardio workout. Great if you want to increase your fitness level or are getting serious about losing some weight. Using a template to track your progress might just be the push you need to work out more consistently.

5. Weight Training Template

If you’ve wanted to do weight training but don’t know where to start, or if you’re not seeing a lot of results from your workout, try this template. It shows which exercises to do, and how many reps of each to get you in your best shape ever. All you need to do is work out and track your progress!

6. Runner’s log

Runners tend to love tracking their progress. I can’t think of a single runner I know who doesn’t, and there are tons of ways to do it. If a system is too complicated, I know I won’t bother tracking, so this Google Docs runner’s template is a great way to keep an eye on how I’m running along.

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