Friday, June 26, 2009

Attend NECC-Virtually!

NECC is just hours away from going full speed ahead. Many of you are in planes, trains, and automobiles on your way to DC. But many more of you weren’t able to attend this year.

I know everyone can’t be fortunate enough to get to attend ISTE’s NECC conference in Washington, DC but guess what? You can attend VIRTUALLY. More than ever this year, NECC will be all over the Net! Use the information below to participate. Check out the Nings and Blogs, watch some of the sessions through streaming videos, or one of the best new ways is to follow the action on Twitter!

People attending the sessions have been asked to use the hashtags shown below and @Isteconnects is the official Tweeter of the organization.

So come on, join in on the fun and learn something new next week! It’s the 30th anniversary of NECC so you know they will do it up right!
For those of you staying home, you can still get a good taste of what’s going on in a variety of ways:

Nings and blogs:

Archived and streaming videos: <[ ]>


Follow Shelby County's own John Simi @jsimi

Stay tuned to all these sources even after the conference and keep the conversations going. These are great resources for people who ARE attending NECC as well.

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