Sunday, May 31, 2009

Websites I found interesting (weekly)

  • End-of-School Countdown Widgets

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  • It's the Summer Zombie Workout - a sing and dance-along that's intended to be fun and *use up energy*.
    The song encourages kids to "Buff Up To Rough Up the Undead."
    Today's kids are used to bashing zombies and bad guys in video games; this song encourages kids to use their summer vacation to work on their real-life hand-to-eye coordination skills, because the only way to stop zombies is to throw stuff at them. Tennis, soccer, golf, and baseball are recommended to hone skills for this. No school-age kid I've ever known would find this
    scary (I mean, there's a *Dracula *character on Sesame Street) -- let me know if you think it *would *be too scary.
    You can download the lyrics and suggested choreography in a .pdf file -- the idea is to repeat the song faster every time until it's impossible to keep up the choreography, and everyone's exhausted.

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