Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Greens

PBS has another great project.

The GREENS is a site for kids from WGBH about sustainability and green living.

From the website.....We think there's nothing more urgent than instilling an environmental ethic in the next generation. This web site is a terrific way to start that important work, and that's why we recommend every family meet the Greens.

The GREENS is a different kind of project because we've started online. It's not a TV show, at least not yet.

With The GREENS, we get kids thinking about the world and their place in it. The GREENS project is upbeat and optimistic. We encourage kids to make informed choices and meaningful changes. Through the animated episodic adventures, a blog, kids' mail, and regular updates, we explore green living, sustainability, ecology, environmental care, and social equity. We nudge kids to research, to challenge, to discover, and to take action whereever and whenever they can. Green Business named us as one of the "Ten Best Environmental Sites on the Web."

This project came to WGBH by way of the TED Community and a wish granted to the photographer Edward Burtynsky. You can download their theme song, Buddy icons and more....

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