Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This summer I spoke at the Latptop Insitute at Lausanne Collegiate School down the road in Memphis, TN. There I met up with the folks behind WatchKnow and was very impressed! In fact, we ate dinner the night befor at the same table at the prestigious Peabody Hotel! The person behind the great resources is the amazing Larry Sanger.

Today I got an email update from Larry and WatchKnow. It included mentioning in this Resource Shelf blog:

"Finally, one more freebie that we love not only for the content it aggregates but also for its search. WatchKnow from Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia and founder of Citizendium) and many volunteers including librarians. 

Here you’ll find free educational videos from a number of sources plus added metadata that helps make the content more easily discovered and retrieved. Even a quick look at the homepage shows how easy it is to search and/or drill down into the growing collection. You’ll also see that using a slider you can narrow by age group. Links to other sources (like TeacherTube) are provided and limit to “school accessible” material that will remove results (just to be safe from YouTube and Google Video). To keep current with new videos as they’re being added we suggest subscribing to this RSS feed."

If you have not logged into Watch Know, do it now. It is a super great resource for teachers. Their videos are excellent and can be seen behind the "You Tube blocker."

Go there now! Register and upload your own videos!

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