Monday, September 27, 2010

Change the World

From another blog:
Change the World is a way to promote small change in order to make a difference.  Between NOW and November 25th, I will be donating a penny on the behalf of unique visitors to  It is "small change", but can (and hopefully will) add up!  The idea is simple and it is one that I hope will become contagious in our schools and with our students as well.  Little things matter and we can work together to make a difference and promote positive change. 

The money will be donated to a charity that site visitors, Twitter-folk, and Facebook friends decide on when they vote for the charity of their choice the week following November 25th.  There is no catch or gimmick.  This is a way for me to give back and hopefully inspire others to help me do the same.

Click here to watch a quick video explaining the whole concept.
Adam Bellow
Founder, eduTecher

We would love your help to spread the message in any way you can. If you have a blog or website you can grab the Change the World badge and embed it on your own blog or website.
Click here to grab the embed code for your site.

If you are on Twitter and/or Facebook make sure you tell your friends/followers to go to between NOW and November 25th to help make a difference.

I appreciate all your help in getting the work out there
and make a difference as we Change the World.

Change the World

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