Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Parent Place

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Today we launched our new Parents’ Place webpage filled with resources and information about television, electronic media and online safety. We also link to other sites with great information for parents.  For just one example, click on the link to Net Cetera for practical tips for talking to your children about being online.

We have three categories of online resources:

•    TV and Parental Controls – Learn about children’s television; how to use TV ratings, how to block objectionable programming, and how to report obscenity as well as indecency and profane language on broadcast television and radio.

•    Children’s Safety – Discover information about protecting your children online. Visit OnGuard Online, learn how to discourage your teen from distracted driving, learn about Amber Alerts, and more. 

•    Media and Childhood Obesity – This page includes fun links to with challenges to get kids moving and information on good nutrition.  You can also click on Sesame Workshop where you’ll find entertaining ways to teach young children about health and good nutrition.

Want to find television programs for your kids? Type in your zip code to find local broadcast instructional and educational programs in your area.  We also have a link to PBS - so you can find the local times of your child’s favorite PBS show.

We encourage parents to share their practical ideas and insights related to children and communications.  So the website provides a forum for parents and caregivers to share practical ideas about online safety, safe driving and blocking inappropriate content.  Let us know if there are other topics you would like us to add to the discussion list.

If you want to dig deeper, take a look at the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, especially the chapter on education.  And make sure to check out the video of Chairman Genachowski talking with Elmo about the importance of high-speed internet access.  Elmo wants the Internet to be fast, fast, fast!

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