Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This article originally appeared in SLJ's Extra Helping.

Math isn’t just a bunch of numbers or boring problems kids have to do as homework. Math, in fact, isn’t just a school thing—it's everywhere, and it can actually be a whole bunch of fun! Don’t believe me? Just spend time exploring the Cyberchase Web site and you, along with kids in grades 3–7, will be amazed at how exciting and entertaining math can be. This nifty site is chock-full of activities, online games, and downloadables.

The best place to start exploring is the “Games” section. Check out both “Logic Zoo” and “Pattern Quest”—they’re two of my favorites, and will give you a feel for the rest of the games. Next, check out the “Quests” and try your hand at the various interactive challenges they present. In the “Club” section, kids can make their own online art and download awesome screensavers and wallpaper. In “Adventures,” kids can read stories and help the characters figure out how to do something. Finally, in the “Parents & Teachers” section, grown-ups will find lesson plans and activity themes, including “My Cyberchase Summer,” which is just the thing to challenge kids when they’re bored and want something “cool” to do on a hot summer day.

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