Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Was Wondering...

Thanks to Cindy for posting this site on Facebook about a great Science site for girls. "Awesome elementary science site. It was mentioned in the Commercial Appeal today. It was created in an effort to encourage more girls to become interested in science." She said it was mentioned in an article in our local newspaper. (Which I haven't even had time to get off the driveway because I am cleaning house! As our family says when you have church folks over you have to clean"like the Queen herself is coming)

Here is the article Cindy mentioned:
Cathryn Stout's Column Ask a female scientist

In an effort to get more girls interested in science, the National Academy of Sciences enhanced its kid-friendly Web site iwaswondering.org.

The animated site with bold neon colors now features "Ask It," a moderated forum where kids can pose questions to scientists, engineers and other youngsters. Kids must register to participate in the Q&A, but registration is free and the site also includes free educational games on robotics, space exploration and animals.

The site is filled with random facts. On my recent visit to the site, I learned that a cockroach can live for a week without its head. The online science hub contains wacky and useful information sure to fascinate any inquisitive mind, but it is geared towards girls who want "a curious look at women's adventures in science."

To further this cause, the National Academy of Sciences created the "Women's Adventures in Science" book series. The biographies cost $8.96 and are available online.

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