Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go One-to-One

Apple has relaunched its One to One retail training program. Still costing $99 in annual fees, membership in the program can now only be had at the time of a Mac purchase, which in turn must be made through Apple's phone, retail or online ordering services. One to One was formerly available to anyone willing to pay.
Previously, teachers got a discount. (It is worth asking!)

Several services form a part of the program, beginning with Personal Setup, in which staff transfer files from an old computer over to a new one, and configure any peripherals and software bought at the same time. Personal Training sessions guide individuals through various products, whereas Personal Projects and One to One Workshops occur in a group setting. Only one Training or Project session can be booked at time, up to 14 days in advance; a place in a Workshop can be reserved simultaneously, though.

Existing memberships can only be renewed once, up to 30 days following the expiry date. New memberships can be renewed twice, allowing as much as three years of assistance. A video tour and a list of sessions has been made available on Apple's website.

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