Sunday, February 22, 2009

Websites I found interesting (weekly)

  • free time lapse photography software for a while now and finally found Perios. Perios is a tiny download and very, very simple to use.

    For my first movie I set the software to record one frame every five seconds but I feel I need to continue experimenting for improved results. Once the software captures all the still pics you have to export them as a movie file. I then added all the credits and music in Movie Maker. Too easy!!!

    The only hassle I had with the software was trying to get it to work with a webcam. I eventually just stuck with the built in camera in my laptop.

    Possible Time Lapse Subjects

    - flower blooming / plant growth
    - spider spinning a web
    - tracking shadow movement throughout a day
    - artwork being made
    - a classic game of chess
    - the classroom working
    - lego construction
    - snail race
    - decomposing fruit
    - butterfly hatching
    - traffic outside your window for surveys
    - is the movement of the lunchtime crowd fractal?
    - fill up and ant farm and record tunnel creation
    - growing of crystals
    - your fish tank
    - clouds across the sky / storm coming

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  • Flow is a motion painting machine for children of all ages. Visit the National Gallery of Art’s NGAkids ArtZone and enjoy watching the changing patterns and colors as you mix pictures on two overlapping layers. Choose designs from four sets of menu icons or add to the flow by clicking the pencil tool to create your own designs. An online movie shows how to make new icons and set your art in motion.

    tags: interactive creative art, interactive, recording, digitalstorytelling

  • “John and Abigail Adams” offers insights into the birth of American democracy, the American Revolution, life in the colonies, the Founders, the branches of government, lawmaking and politics. Learn about key people and events: John and Abigail, John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, the Boston Massacre, the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congresses, the Presidency and Vice Presidency, the Alien and Sedition Acts and more.

    tags: johnadams, abigailadams, biographies

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