Sunday, February 15, 2009

Websites I found interesting (weekly)

  • Ghost Blasters is designed to help students learn to multiply and divide quickly in their heads. To play Ghost Blasters select a multiple of which each "bad" ghost will have a value that is a multiple of that which you chose. Students then use their mouse to blast every "bad" ghost. For example, if I select "5" at the beginning then all bad ghosts will display a multiple of 5. I then have to blast all of the bad ghosts to gain points, but if I blast a "good" ghost (a ghost that does not have a multiple of 5) I lose points.

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  • ABCya! is a leader in free & exciting computer activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All educational computer games and activities were created or approved by certified teachers! Activities are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way to learn. The activities incorporate content areas such as math and reading while introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade games are equipped with sound to enhance understanding. You can also find great elementary holiday activities here! Holiday activities available in grade level sections!

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  • Teacher accounts

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  • Resize Image is a simple web-based tool for resizing images. You do not have to create an account or provide any type of information in order to use Resize Image. Simply upload an image, select the size that you would like it to be, click "save changes" and Resize Image does the rest. Once your image is resized you have the option of downloading it to your computer, cropping it, or resizing it again. Resize Image accepts JPEG and PNG files. The service is quick even with very large, high definition images.

    Applications for Education
    Resize Image is a fast, free tool for students to use to resize images for inclusion in digital presentations. The user interface is simple and straight forward enough that elementary school students can learn to use it quickly.

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  • great online tool that students can use to create posters and videos. The National Archives Digital Vault poster and video creation tools allow students to drag and drop digital artifacts into a poster or video. The National Archives provides images, documents, and audio in an easy to use editor. When making a poster students can combine multiple images, change background colors, and create captions to make collages of digital artifacts.

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  • Eventbrite helps businesses and organizations of all sizes manage, promote and sell-out their events.

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  • myst

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  • an online tool which lets you make presentations in a completely different way. Rather than having sets of slides, all of the information in your presentation can be placed on a single space (see the image below). The objects (including text / images / video) can be moved, rotated and resized, and then paths can be drawn between them to guide the presentation in the order that you choose.

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  • beginner tips

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  • Online event registration
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    to organize, create and manage your events, meetings, seminars, conferences, classes, fairs, exhibitions, shows, etc. FREE Event Signup and
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  • you can easily create a collaborative workspace with sticky notes, pictures, calendar items and documents and no login required!
    Upload your work, add comments, share files, and more. Invite your co-workers and start collaborating.

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  • Website for movie FireProof

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  • Tel.A.Vision. It is a really unique site where students are
    encouraged to create their own "vision video" using Tel.A.Vision's
    great online editing program.

    Take a look! There is curriculum for teachers to encourage the kids
    to plan their vision, storyboard and video. There are tutorials for
    each step of the process and I think it is an excellent site!

    Would love to know if anyone else is using this site and share any
    projects that you might have done or will do! The PR company that is advertising this site are parents in my district so they'd love any
    feedback you have too!

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  • Copyright free image search on Flickr

    tags: clipart, copyrightfree

  • a new online game which perhaps could be used for middle school math or enrichment with 5th grade? It was recommended by a good source. You might have a good math student look at it on a home computer and tell you what they think.

    tags: game, labyrinth, math

  • Planet Earth questions

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  • user involvement and creativity, but it also adds an important dimension to the mix - storytelling.

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  • Find Geography is a simple map game that you could have a classroom full of students playing after just a minute of instruction. Find Geography asks students "Where is country _______?" Students simply click on the map where they think that country is located. If students give a wrong answer, Find Geography shows them the correct answer.

    tags: geography, socialstudies, game, countries

  • Come along with Yertle the Turtle as he helps the younger crowd learn numbers with an interactive counting game and several printable math pages. Examples of the activities include counting, number sense, addition, and more

    tags: seuss, whiteboard, SMARTboard, math

  • t this colorful site, Lorax teaches simple science with two interactive games (one about classification and the other about “Earth Day”). There is also a printable science page.

    tags: seuss, earlylearners, whiteboard, SMARTboard

  • Come along with "Sam I Am" as he reasons rather reasonably with interactive challenges and printables. Some of the topics include finding differences, sequential order, concentration activities, and more. Be aware: at the time of this review, the “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!” activity was “under construction.” To fully use this site it requires Flash, Shockwave, and Adobe Acrobat. All three can be downloaded here: TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

    In the Classroom:
    Make sure you mark this site as a favorite for easy access in late February and early March when you will want to include these activities in your Dr. Seuss unit in honor of Read Across America Day. Be sure to include this website on your class newsletter or on your class website so students can access this site at home.

    Use this site on an interactive whiteboard or projector, then have students explore on individual computers. This is a great "indoor recess" option!

    tags: seuss, recess, smartboard, whiteboard

  • This website provides free PowerPoint presentations on various topics relating to library use and research skills. Some of the specific topics include Marc Brown, Dr. Seuss, dictionary definitions, Dewey decimal system, tall tales, and others. You may need PowerPoint software on your computer to view these files, depending upon how the site creators saved them.

    tags: library, seuss

  • Well, why not? Here's an Earth Day game for primary students who are Seuss-aphiles. Students can catch seeds and plant trees in the Lorax's field. It's mostly for fun, but there's a message for the very young in this game. This site requires Flash.

    tags: seuss, earthday, lorax

  • andom House's Dr. Seuss site offers a nice little collection simple reading activities for primary students who need a little practice, or for other general uses. There are three printable activities and one interactive challenge. Topics include the alphabet, rhyming, and other literacy concepts. This site requires Adobe Acrobat and Shockwave. You can get both from the TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

    In the Classroom:
    Use your interactive whiteboard or projector to share the interactive alphabet challenge. Use the printable for homework pages or laminate some and create a learning center (don't forget the dry erase markers). Make sure you mark this site as a favorite for easy access in in late February and early March when you will want to include these activities in your Dr. Seuss unit in honor of Read Across America Day. Be sure to include this website on your class newsletter or on your class website so students can access this site at home.

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  • This gallery of World War II-era cartoons by Theodor Geisel, reveal the acerbic wit and political philosophy of the beloved children’s author. The site also features audio and video clips from Dr. Seuss on his career and a brief history of political cartooning. Two lesson plans - focusing on the American themes and social messages addressed by Geisel - are available for downloading (and include McRel standards). This site requires RealPlayer, Flash, and Adobe Acrobat. You can get them from the TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

    In the Classroom:
    Have students research the history of political cartooning with Theodor Geisel (or others). Have cooperative learning groups create multi-media presentations such as a PowerPoint, or an online book, using a tool such as Tikatok reviewed here to share on an interactive whiteboard or projector.

    Share the video/audio clips on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Take advantage of the FREE lesson plans that connect geography, history, reading, and writing.

    tags: seuss

  • Older students celebrating Reading Across America week and any just-plain Seuss fans will enjoy these parodies collected as a plain vanilla web site. Note that this collection of links was created a while ago, so some links may no longer be active. Be sure to check out the ever popular Freud-on-Seuss, originally published in a college humor newspaper. Your literature students will appreciate these examples of parody. Gifted students and talented writers may even want to try their own hand after reading some. As always with humor, preview to be sure you are comfortable bringing these into the classroom.

    In the Classroom:
    Plan a parody activity during the celebration of Seuss. Students will certainly be familiar with the "originals," making it easier to teach the sophisticated analysis of what makes parody work. If you project these parody texts (copied into other software, such as Smart Notebook or Word) on an interactive whiteboard, students can annotate them and save/print the files.

    tags: seuss

  • Hubbard's Cupboard offers some very simple activities for Dr. Seuss classics. The site provides reading activities, math connections and art projects. The activities are user-friendly and are geared toward primary students.

    In the Classroom:
    Use the site as a guide for planning a traditional Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration Week in March!

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  • verything about our beloved Dr. Seuss can be located here in Seussville. Simply click on the easy links to access his biography, books, games, activities, and more. For information about the Read Across America Day, in honor of Dr. Seuss, please click the Events link. Don't miss the "Playground" link: you will find “click and play games,” “print and play activities,” “Seussville story maker,” and “Suessville favorites.” (Note: If you find the whimsical Dr. Seuss music annoying while visiting the site, click on the on/off music button at the bottom of the home screen.

    tags: seuss

  • Cat in Hat -Hat

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  • our students become Dr. Seuss? Yes, they will when they choose characters, music, and background scenery to create your own Dr. Seuss stories. Your students will delight in pretending to be one of the famous characters from Dr. Seuss as they practice the art of Seuss-speak in their own stories. Whimsical music that is so very Dr. Seuss-like plays in the background as students read their versions of Seussville stories. Flash is required for this site. You can get it from TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

    In the Classroom:
    This is a powerful way to reinforce concepts of story mapping by creating students' own stories. Pair-up students with online access to this site so that their stories can be shared with each other. Use an interactive whiteboard or projector to share stories created by the entire class. Be sure to provide this link in your class newsletter or on your class website for some at-home fun. This is a MUST for Read Across America day!

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