Thursday, February 5, 2009

Legacy of Lincoln

Next week is the bicentennial of the birth of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. There are many resources for teachers available for Lincoln celebrations. First visit THE Lincoln Bicentennial Page and its teacher resources.

I love the idea over at "Give a Lincoln for Lincoln" that is a great preservation campaign.

Speaking of pennies, the US Mint website has rich teacher resources for all ages about four the new pennies. C-Span had a plethora of resources to peruse over at its Lincoln 200 website.

Then view the exhibit at the National Gallery, The Mask of Lincoln.
PBS is on a roll with its Looking for Lincoln resources including a map of the location of all the Lincoln statues in the US AND an interactive timeline where students can put events in order.

Faithfully Larry Ferlazzo has posted in this "Best of..." series websites for President's Day.

If you want to get involved in an excellent telecollabrative project, there is still time to mosey on over to Jen Wagner's "Happy 200th, Mr. Lincoln!" project which I previously blogged about.
I even ran across a wiki collaboration between a school in Illinois and another in Florida, their Voicethread link (well done, kids) and the program planned for the IL school's assembly.

Arlington Heights School has a visually pleasing page titled "A Walk in Mr. Lincoln's Shoes" (ck out the Activities link at the bottom). Speaking of school hosted pages, this is a old faithful from 1st grade teacher Tammy Payton for resources on Lincoln.

Whew! that was a whirlwind tour of some things I have bookmarked. (and just think my husband wonders how I spend my time on my days off!)

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