Friday, December 19, 2008

Rebel or NOT

In November I attended Google Academy. I was reminded of the “Think Different” campaign ad years ago from Apple Computer. “ I had those posters hung around my fifth grade classroom. What that to influence my fifth graders to Think different or was I a Rebel?? Here’s to the rebels…

I was working on my CCT- Action Plan (Google Certified Teacher) one night this week while watching TLC's "John & Kate +8." I heard a voice that I recognized. Now, I knew they had filmed the epsisode in at St. Jude Research Hospital here in Memphis, TN. I wasn't really paying attention. I looked up and saw one of my former students. Jennifer was one of those special students that you really got to know and loved to keep up with as she moved though middle school, high school and her university years. She wasn't a rebel! She loved to please and excelled at school. She is certainly making a difference in the world! What did she think about those Think Different posters? As a teacher, I wonder if she feels that her year in my class was stellar. I hope so. She turned out successful in life. I think WE Succeeded! I think we both have changed the world in our own quiet way!

Today is our last day before Christmas break. Our day will be shortened, so I will not get to meet my three afternoon classes. They are going to miss 2 great gingerbread sites.

Gingerbread man

Gingerbread house

I can almost smell the excitement. Not of the gingerbread house and cookies that will be shared (of the teachers' car exhaust leaving the parking lot.)

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