Monday, December 29, 2008

One of my cohorts at Google Academy was Kathy Schrock. Yes, THE Kathy Schrock who we have followed from "back in the day" and who authors Guide for Educators, at Discovery Education's site. Kathy submitted the same application as other attendees, but she was featured as a presenter of Inspiring Idea #2. Kathy HAS inspired me for years. I recommend you read her blog and sign up for her S.O.S- Sites of the School Days feed. Today I received her S.O.S mail where she recommended Vimeo I also like this website for 2 reasons: free and easy! You can post videos you have made or those of others (like for when YouTube is blocked). Kathy says "(if you sign-up, search for my group "K-12 Education" and request to be a member). " Thanks, Kathy for the invite! She has posted several there. Let's collaborate on some good videos concerning K-12 education.

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Kathy Schrock said...

Geesh, I sound so old!

Tee-hee...thanks for the kind words and for promoting my links!