Monday, February 28, 2011

Google’s Recipe View Makes Recipe Search a Cakewalk

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 08:30 AM PST here
What do you do when you have to find the recipe for that dish you always wanted to make? You type your query on Google and try to find out the right one from all those results right? Well, a lot of those results aren’t what you are actually looking for. That means there’s a good bit of wasted time before you narrow down to the correct recipe. Well, worry no more because Google’s Recipe View is going to change all that.
Recipe search or the recipe view is basically a new search option introduced by Google that lets you efficiently narrow down to the right recipe without getting lost in hundreds of thousands of search results out there. The option can be located on the sidebar on the Google search results page, where you have images, news, videos and all that.
recipe view 1
When you click on it after you’ve searched for a recipe, you’ll find that the results as well as the interface changes showing pictures and content that only relates to the recipes centered around your query.
recipe view 2
Now here comes the good part – there’s further filtering and customization that can be done. Yes, you can further narrow down the results by the ingredients you want to put into the dish, the cook time (certain recipes take long while others can be cooked in minutes) and the calorie count.
recipe view 3
As you see in the screenshot above, I can select yes or no on the specific ingredients and filter the results accordingly. The choices are also available under cook time and calories to help me make the decision.
Overall I think this is an interesting way to search, and Google could incorporate this into many more search niches in the near future.

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