Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take a Look at What War Has Meant for Afghans

Modern Afghanistan: Making Meaning in the Aftermath of Conflict, a new resource guidefrom Primary Source, presents activities that provide students with a deeper look at what war has meant for Afghans—how they have lived, represented events and attempted to rebuild their country. The monument of a tank in Herat with triumphant local soldiers offers a glimpse of both anti-Soviet and anti-Taliban feeling in one region of Afghanistan and calls upon us to consider what messages monuments send. The excerpts from the film Afghan Stories illustrate the political and physical challenges of building a road to ease drought and hunger in another province. The inclusion of weaponry and war motifs in women’s traditional Afghan carpets shows how violence has permeated the society and even gained its own market niche. These sources bring us closer to Afghan perspectives on events than textbooks and news stories tend to do.
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