Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a feature of Google ( it used to be a separate tool long ago ) that helps users auto-complete their search queries and search faster.
google suggest
Google guesses what you are about to search using its algorithm that determines search patterns and common search terms. Apart from being a helpful service, Google Suggest is known to often show weird and hilarious suggestions which make it one of the most talked about Google features in the blogosphere.
Google Suggest Venn Diagram Generator is an innovative tool that makes use of Google Suggest to show venn diagrams of popular Google search queries.
You can enter a base query like ” How to do X..” or ” Why X is ” and enter 3 options for X. Like, the example on the site shows the base query as “Why are X so..” and has X as men, women and parents. The result is a venn diagram of 3 circles and the corresponding search results.
google suggest venn diagram generator
Likewise, you can enter many such combinations and get different venn diagrams. Overall, it’s a fun tool to play with, and also know what people are searching for on Google.

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