Friday, October 29, 2010

Teaching Citizenship

Need a Digital Citzenship Lesson? I have one for you!It is called Teaching Copyright, and it offers a FREE brief curriculum (5 lessons at 60 minutes each) to help introduce students to the world of remixing, fair use, and copyright. Check it out!

"In five distinct lessons, students are challenged to:
  • Reflect on what they already know about copyright law.
  • See the connection between the history of innovation and the history of copyright law.
  • Learn about fair use, free speech, and the public domain and how those concepts relate to using materials created by others.
  • Experience various stakeholders' interests and master the principles of fair use through a mock trial.
Teaching Copyright will require your students to think about their role in the online world and provide them with the legal framework they need to make informed choices about their online behavior."


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