Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gail is Googly

I am in a real Google mood tonight because I am in Google Country.
You may remember I am a Google Certified Teacher. Now I am getting more Google Training in Mountain View, California! I am working to be a Google Apps for Education Trainer. I have passed 1 of th 6 certification tests. They just today released the other 5. I am excited to get the training starting tomorrow am!

Right now I am listing to a Google Webinar.
You can join in listening HERE   This is a webinar about a new book about using Google Apps for Education in a particular school. James Lerman and Ronique Hicks, co-authors of Retool Your School: The Educator’s Essential Guide to Google’s Free Power Apps, discuss the benefits of bringing Google Apps into the classroom. Lerman and Hicks explain Google Applications Education Edition, share how educators are using Google Apps to collaborate, and recommend ways you can get started.

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