Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fuel Our Future Now!

Fuel Our Future Now website is a join venture of Discovery Education and the US Department of Energy. The resources available are divided among the High Schoolers, Middle Schoolers and Elementary students. There are also tabs for Educators and Parents. The purpose is to provide resouces and activities about promoting activities, tips, resources and discussion points about green technology, energy conservation, fuel efficiency, alternative energy sources and more. The future is riding on the young minds of today.

Keep the momentum going with additional tools and information to enhance your students' STEM education.

Find links to government and academic sites, complementary classroom materials and helpful background essentials.

Topics include:

  • fuel efficiency
  • energy conservation
  • fossil fuels
  • car emissions
  • greenhouse effect
  • global warming
  • biofuels
  • hybrid/electric cars
  • ...and more!

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