Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great PLN

I have a great local PLN (Personal Learning Network) here in the area. Our MAIS-TEC group meets about once a month. This past Friday we met at SBEC which is actually in Mississippi. First, we met a great Chemistry and Physics teacher who has set a goal of incorporating technology into her classes. She has done such a fine job and was a inspiration to us all. She shared her blog, how she uses her Wacom tablet, Jing, ebeam and more! Congrats on setting the bar high this year Ms. Skinner and best wishes for you and your students in the future. Your students will be well prepared not on in the subject area, but also, in how to implement uses of technology for their future studies. Best wishes!

Also, a shout out to my friends for a great technology integrators SIG. We shared great lesson ideas, Twitter friends and websites. I will share some of these resources in a future blogs. My friend Cathe shared a great lesson about using Excel to graph planets. She followed up with an email of the website and more details.
"Excel Spreadsheet on Planet Orbits. This is a GREAT lesson. The writer did a FANTASTIC job writing out all of the steps! He suggests that this is appropriate for 4th grade on up. I would only venture with a 4th grade class that has maturity and Excel experience. The 5th Graders completed this with little or no difficulties. The 5th Grade Science Teacher loved it. Even if you don't think you would want to do it with a class...I think it offers a visual picture on how planets rotate around the sun. It could be used as a visual teaching resource since it gives a visual of how planets rotate around the sun and an idea of the distance between the inner and outer planets."
Thanks, Cathe, I cannot wait to try out this lesson.

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